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This site contains the legacy documentation for DataTables v1.9 and earlier for reference only.
DataTables 1.9 was End Of Life in 2014. Do not use it for new work.
The current release of DataTables can always be found on


The ability to control the DOM positioning of the elements added by DataTables can be very powerful to a developer, and this is done through the sDom parameter. It is possible to add new 'features' to DataTables (such as a toolbar, or new interaction techniques) through it's inclusion in sDom, retaining the ability of the developer to leverage the flexibility of sDom for their layout.

To add a new feature to DataTables, you need to register some basic information with the DataTables core, through the use of the $.fn.dataTableExt.aoFeatures array. Each array element is an object which has the following parameters:

The following shows an example of this in use (this in fact is the plug-in registration used for TableTools

$.fn.dataTableExt.aoFeatures.push( {
	"fnInit": function( oSettings ) {
		return new TableTools( { "oDTSettings": oSettings } );
	"cFeature": "T",
	"sFeature": "TableTools"
} );

Once your plug-in is registered with DataTables, you can put whatever controls and logic you wish into the element that fnInit must create and return.