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This site contains the legacy documentation for DataTables v1.9 and earlier for reference only.
DataTables 1.9 was End Of Life in 2014. Do not use it for new work.
The current release of DataTables can always be found on

ThemeForest Themes

If you haven't come across ThemeForest yet, it is a site where HTML/CSS authors can publish their work as templates for you to use on your sites. This can provide a quick and easy solution if you want to develop a site with an integrated look and feel as quickly as possible. A number of the templates have DataTables support build in, so your tables will fit in with the rest of your site. These themes are listed below.

Name Description
Admin Control Panel v2 With this template you can stun your clients with a slick backend. Features include: very slick design, rich typography, Tablet ready (iPad + Android), Forms, Client-side validation, AJAX Spotlight-like Search, CSS3 Buttons, Dynamic charts and graphs, Interactive Datatables and many more. Theme image
Adminica Adminica is a cleanly coded, beautifully styled, easily customisable, cross-browser compatible Admin Template and Web Application Interface. Adminica is packed full of features, allowing you unlimited combinations of layouts, controls and styles to ensure you have a trully unique app. Theme image
Administry Admin Template Administry is a complete solution control panel template. It is best for content management systems, website backends or as a standalone skin for a web application. Template comes with 6 color variations and includes 4 sample pages: Login page, Dashboard, File management and Product management. Theme image
Bingo Bingo is very powerful high end admin/backend user interface template. You can use it in web admin, CMS, CRM, ERP, web application, application software, accounting software, payroll management, point of sale etc. It is very easy to use and extremely easy to integrate. Theme image
Chromatron Chromatron Admin is a simple and professional template for your backend administration. This theme provides all basic features like tabs, tables, forms, notification boxes, modals, data visualization and widgets. Chromatron is build upon HTML5 and CSS3 draft powered by jQuery, modernizr and selectivizr. Theme image
CleanSlate CleanSlate is an admin template that makes use of the latest CSS3 techniques to provide users with a beautiful, stunningly rich experience. Theme image
Evolution Evolution admin is an advanced admin theme suitable for web applications, prototyping and backend interfaces. It comes with five different colors, working tabs, accordion, lightbox, expose and a lot of other stuff that will help your interface standout, become more usable and flexible. It is built from the ground up using the powerful jquery tools library and validates as XHTML strict. Theme image
FlatApp FlatApp is a premium and fully responsive admin dashboard template by pixelcave. It is built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework and features a clean, fresh and colorful flat user interface with strong code structure underneath. It comes packed with awesome features and great functionality! Theme image
FreshUI A new approach on admin templates, featuring clean design and awesome features. Theme image
Grape Grape is a professional and very flexible admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more. The template is built on HTML5 with CSS3 features powered by jQuery and modernizr. Theme image
Lagu Admin Template agu Admin Template is a full featured admin backend template enriched with many third party components: wysiwyg editor with integrated file explorer, calendar, dynamic and static charts, data tables, step by step wizard, sticky breadcrumbs, tabs, accordions, sortable widgets and many more. Theme image
Magneto Admin Skin Magneto is a complete solution administration panel template. Magneto is ideal for the development of website backend and administration panels, it can also be used as a theme for web applications. Theme image
Mango Mango, a slick and responsive Admin Template, comes with all features you can imagine - and even those you can't imagine. It is build with modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size. Theme image
Mbe Admin Mbe Admin is a clean admin interface focused on user experience and user interface. After using it, the users won't be able to go back to anything else.
Its strong features are the iPad & iPhone Version and the OSX like spotlight.
Theme image
Peach Peach is a clean and smooth admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more. There is also the possibility for an optional sidebar. Due to the high amount of elements, this template will definitely cover all your needs. The slick template is built on HTML5 with CSS3 features powered by jQuery and modernizr. Theme image
ProUI A professional, modern and solid foundation for your next awesome project! Featuring well documented code, a modern design, Bootstrap 3.1 and much more. Theme image
Ready Made Admin Ready Made Admin is a sleek, comprehensive admin theme that allows you to get your project started quickly and with ease. Included are multiple color schemes, page elements, widgets, and 5 custom plugins. Theme image
Slate Admin Slate Admin is a clean admin template designed for front end and back end projects. Theme image
Spina Our goal was to create a beautiful interface packed with just the right features. After months of effort and lots of real use, we're proud to introduce Spina. Features: HTML5 & CSS3, Crossbrowser compatible (Yes, even IE!), Advanced PJAX support, Built-in iPad compatibility and more. Theme image
TERMINATOR Admin backend template that has a hell of a lot of features. It's designed with cool Storm Black / Aluminium colors to make your backend even better than it is. Template is touch screen ready, tested on iPad, iPhone and Android. The best thing is to click on EVERYTHING you see in the live demo! Theme image
The Realm This admin template was built with the popular Bootstrap framework from Twitter and has been styled in a modern flat design. The admin template adapts seamlessly with any device such as tablets and mobile phones. You can use this template if you are building an administrator panel for any website. The Realm offers analytics plugins, user management, task management, gallery, notifications and much more. Theme image
uAdmin uAdmin is a premium admin template built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework and comes with a flat design direction. It overwrites the default style of the framework to match its own and at the same time extends it to large degree without being too complicated and losing its simplicity. Even if you are not familiar with the framework, theme's components can be easily replicated without losing your focus on the developement. Theme image
UniAdmin Simple Admin theme that has everything you need to create any backend admin panel. Theme image
White Label A full featured skinable and responsive CMS /Admin Panel with custom plugins, widgets, forms, validations, charts, galleries and much more. Theme image
Xmin Admin Template Admin template with jQuery UI widgets, accessible HTML 5 charts, sortable and searchable data tables, file explorer, image library, recreation of Google Circles drag and drop interaction and more cool jQuery effects. This template is easily skinnable by changing 1 CSS file. Theme image
Ziown Admin ZiOwn is a powerful and clean admin panel template for web entrepreneurs, app developers and site owners as this can be used for the admin part of any web application, web based softwares or custom CMS admin panels. It is very easy to use and extremely easy to integrate. Theme image

Before you decide to purchase a theme, please be sure that it will do what you want it to do. I have not tested all of these themes myself, and so cannot accept any responsibility for them. Also bear in mind that if you just want to customise the style of a DataTable, it is straightforward to do so yourself!

If you are a theme author and would like to have your theme listed, please get in touch!